5 Way to Save on the Cost of Replacement Windows

Have to get new windows?

No one wants to spend their hard earned cash on new windows for their house.

Learn the top 5 tips lower the cost of replacing windows. Make your home more attractive, brighter and cheaper to heat and cool.

You can easily save money considering the high cost of home windows.

Being well-informed and on the lookout to save on the cost to replace windows is easy. Then you can spend your money on something fun instead.


5 Top Window Shopping Tips

1. Get as many window installation quotes as you can. Using the Internet will save money, time and effort. Online free estimating tools allow you to easily compare window installation quotes. Get exact cost comparisons with details like window manufacturer, models, glass type and fill, frame features and other factors that may increase installation costs to your home. Contacting just one or two companies is not enough to save cut the cost of new windows.

2. Before ordering new windows, research and apply for Federal government and utility company rebatesto offset the cost of new windows. Tax incentives can change, so check with your State, Provincial or Federal governments. Energy Auditors and windows companies can recommend incentive programs too. If you can spend the $250 to $600 on a home-energy audit, you will probably get that back in savings later, it may be a requirement to qualify for the tax incentives.

3. Shop wisely and get the windows you need not the windows you want. There is a difference. If you’d rather spend your money on fun things like vacations, remember going over-budget on windows for your house can cost years of extra payments, and fun! Good contractors will help you choose the most suitable windows for your budget. If your interior windows are in great shape, maybe inexpensive replacement storm windows are a better option as energy savings are comparable.

4. Choosing simple standard sized windows will save on your house windows cost. They are less expensive than custom ordered specially sized and appointed windows. If options like custom frames, unusual hardware, glass, internal blinds or shades are ordered it will add to the cost. Remember they will not work any better than standard windows, so why spend the extra on them?

5. Make sure both the price and interest rates are as low as possible. Simply ask. The more online companies you are dealing with, the more competitive they may be as they compete for your business. Taking a few days to secure a low interest home improvement line of credit at the bank at a lower interest rate is well worth it. Those few days can save years of payments on the price of house windows.


A final warning if you are looking at cheap vinyl or PVC windows, check the vinyl color, frame insulation and frame compartments in cross section. Blue tinted plastic may be an indicator of poor quality as the blue means it takes longer for a sub-standard PVC yellow in the sunlight, buying the seller time before complaints are made. A frame cross-section shows how well insulated the window is. The more compartments and foam-filling in the frame, the better the windows will be.

If you are seriously considering replacement windows, start collecting info and quotes online. When you have those quotes coming in, you can start the purchase process and have a toasty warm draft free home. I hope these tips cut your cost of replacing windows.