Anderson Replacement Windows Reviews and Ratings – Andersen

If you want to keep your love for your house fresh, you have to keep the house fresh!  The house will probably not remain the same forever- there are going to be tonnes of changes over a period of time. In a few years, you will probably get sick and tired of the general layout of the house itself.

In case you want to change the windows in your house and improve heating, cooling efficiencies and save money, you will be better off using Anderson replacement windows, much more than any other replacement windows.  Keep reading to see why.

There are situations in which people would have to replace their windows for myriad reasons. Whatever be the reason, you have to make sure that you go in for a good replacement window.


What is a replacement window?

A replacement window is a window that is installed in place of an old one. Replacement windows  replace almost all the elements of an older existing window. The window opening remains the same- and you can change the frame and/or the glass. This will provide you with an opportunity to get a different window frame or a different glass this time around.

Replacement windows can be used to replace windows that have deteriorated over a period of time or become non-functional due to breakage. There have been a lot of changes in window technology over a period of time, so it is now possible to opt for insert installation in cases where the frame has not deteriorated, or a full installation if you want to change the entire window. The latest technologies incorporates help reduce energy loss and also insulates against outside noise.


Anderson replacement window features

Anderson or actually Andersen replacement windows are one of the best in the country. They are quite professional and are one of the most famed names in the window replacement market. They offer a wide variety of replacement windows, along with professional installation and after-installation service.

Their collection is rather stunning, so you will be able to find something that would suit your tastes in their collection. They know that the reason you are replacing the window is probably deterioration, so they want to ensure that you don’t have to do that again any time soon. They use the best of materials and their replacement windows are capable of handling a lot of pressure and last a long time.

Andersen windows are one of the most energy efficient windows that one can buy. Remodeling your house with these windows can win you a credit of almost $1500 on your federal income tax. Made of solid construction these windows have tough protective shells that will never need a coat of paint. All Anderson windows feature the Perma-Shield® that protects the window exteriors for years. Anderson low e glass blocks out UV radiation with no effect on clarity or color of light entering your house.

If you choose Anderson replacement windows, you will be able to choose between 50 different exterior and interior window combinations. These window combinations differ based on the wood used, the color palette used, the finish, etc. You can also choose from 2tone to 4 tone exterior-clad window options.

There are different grill options, and screen options as well. Be it a french casement window or an awning clad window, you can find the window replacement of your choice. Their collection boasts of everything- from the simplest designs to the most colonial windows you have ever seen!


Pros of the Andersen windows

  • Experts will visit your house and suggest the best window suited for your needs
  • Several tiers of windows available to choose from
  • Professional installation and after sales support
  • These windows are not just value for money but also add to the aesthetic look of your house and are durable meaning you can install these and be sure of years of efficient service
  • These energy efficient windows have insulating features such as low E coatings, as well as argon gas between the panes, that will bring down your heating and cooling bills considerably
  • Longevity of these windows, make these a popular choice. You can also get spares for windows that have been long discontinued
  • Transferable limited warranty on some models


Complaints and Cons associated with Andersen windows

You can hunt the internet for reviews and you will find that most people are extremely satisfied with the kind of service and the window they got from Anderson Window Replacement.

The only complaint some people have is that it is a little more expensive when compared to some other window replacement stores, but we are sure that you would be hard pressed to find a company that offers windows of such high quality for a cheaper price.


Andersen Windows Price and value

Before you go in for window replacement, you have to find out how much it costs. The window replacement you get from Anderson would be priced quite competitively. The price would entirely depend upon the kind of window you choose for your house.

The size of the windows, the wood used, the finishing, etc. would be priced differently. You are certainly aware of the windows that you want to replace in the first place. You should just measure the windows, go to the Anderson window replacement website and raise a query about how much a replacement window would cost, on an average, for that size. If you are okay with the average pricing, you will be able to finalize on the design and other issues.

If you are looking for replacement windows, here is a brief pricing list that is sure to help-

Fibrex composite (100 series)– $550

Wood clad (200 series)– $600

Wood clad (400 series)-$800

Wood or fiberglass A series- $1400


Anderson window replacement has been touted to be one of the more expensive window replacement services, but that is what makes this service so exclusive. Their window replacement service does not only includes the sale of the window, it also includes installation and any post-installation help you might require.