Champion Windows Reviews: Pros, Cons and Prices

Home is where the heart is and for that to happen our surroundings must be conducive and harmonious. In order to shape a perfect home, one should associate with a company that can provide the right kind of windows, doors, roofing, sun rooms. Without these, a home is never complete.

So, it takes a professional organization to complete the job with perfection and expertise. And the windows play a key role in adding beauty and visual appeal to a home. The trustworthy name in this aspect is Champion Windows.


Champion Windows Features and Pros

Any homeowner who prefers quality and variety will look at the various choices available in terms of windows and Champion is the answer to it. There is a good range to choose from such as double-hung windows with a unique architectural molding that brings style and easy to clean facility

The casement windows can be opted due to their ‘low profile’ crank which makes the interior look attractive. Picture windows can be combined with casement or slider windows to gain that extra attraction at home.

The slider windows are easy to lift and enable to clean the interior or both sides.

Shaped windows are most sought after in homes these days and Champion excels in offering customized shapes such as eyebrows, circles, trapezoids, half rounds.

Timberbond is a unique offering from Champion which is the first permanent vinyl window with wood grain finish, it is heat reflective and does not face issues like peeling and fading. Above all, the windows use the Comfort 365 glass which is not only energy efficient but also resistant and durable.


Champion Windows Complaints and Cons


·         The sales team is reportedly quite aggressive and pushes the customer with different options unless he/she takes a decision.
·         The approach of pricing is somewhat unusual. The initial quote comes at a higher price and later on, some ‘special offers’ and discounts are pitched in which is again on par with other companies.
·         Follow-ups for after service is quite high and responsiveness in that aspect is quite weak
·         Few instances of installation issues have been received wherein the blinds were not re-installed after work was done
·         Quality of replacement windows is almost equal to the products of other small budget companies
·         In some cases, the installation process took quite long and despite the delay the fixing was not done appropriately.
·         The energy bills don’t really come down after installing the Champion windows


Champion Windows Prices and Value

It is generally considered that Champion windows come at a higher price range compared to similar. For instance, a low end window cost including installation is priced at less than $ 400 but with Champion it touches between $500 and $750.

The mid range windows are ideally priced at $400 to $750 including installation and Champion offers around the same price. There is also a special offer wherein $1,500 is waived off for the contract of providing all windows to the home. But there comes a value along with it.

Since Champion provides its own manufactured windows, the installation expert is fully aware of the installation process and any gaps will be filled. The scope for error or wrong procedure is not there. There is a lifetime window warranty on the material and installation. Spares are never an issue because even the oldest part is always kept in stock. There is a lifetime warranty on glass breakage and seal failure.


Considered as one of the sought after brands among replacement window providers, Champion has got a name for itself. The products and the quality and range is quite good but it is the company’s strategy which has been posing inconvenience to the customers in few cases. The team of Champion got good credentials and they have ensured complete customer satisfaction but some scope for improvement is there in the after-sales service.

As a home owner, one would expect the entire workflow to happen smoothly without any repetition or time loss. The expectation is more when the spending is more. With small players offering higher quality of service and products, the efficiency has to be more on customer service than increasing the aggression in sales. Overall, Champion has got its own benefits and if one can strike the right price then they get the best deal out of it.