Double Hung v’s Single Hung Windows

What is the difference between Double and Single Hung Replacement Windows? 

Today, with so many options to purchase new or replacement windows, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. Knowing the pros and cons along with the prices of different styles of windows will allow you to make an informed purchase decision.

Two styles of residential windows that are common today are double hung and single hung windows. While these two window styles look similar, they operate differently.


Double Hung Windows Pros

In this type of window style, the house owner has the ability to open each window. Furthermore, the sash can be opened in a tilting manner and this design allows smooth flow of air and facilitates ventilation.

As the window can be opened and tilted, it is very easy to clean double hung windows from the inside. There is no need to use special cleaning equipment or a ladder to get access to windows on higher levels.

Double hung windows tend be offer security, as the windows have dual locks. The frames tend to stronger and sturdier, as both sashes of the window can be opened.

There are more design options when it comes to double hung windows and homeowners can find a design to suit their taste and home décor.

Double Hung Windows Complaints and Cons

While there are not too many cons or complaints where double hung windows are concerned, the cost happens to be the biggest deterrent.

As double hung windows are expensive, replacing all windows in a home or installing double hung windows in a new construction can become extremely expensive. Also, as the windows consist of two panes, as some point or the other, both panes would need replacement, which again is a drain on the finances.


Single Hung Windows Pros

Single hung windows are used in most new constructions and houses because they are more affordable compared to double hung windows.

As there is just a single sash, replacement is cheaper when it comes to replacing the window due to breakage or damage.


Single Hung Windows Complaints and Cons

Single hung windows happen to have more cons and they are listed below.

  • Cleaning: Cleaning is a problem, as both panes cannot be cleaned. One pane overlaps the other and does not tilt and this makes it difficult to clean the windows from outside. Cleaning has to be done from outside and this can be a problem for those living in high rises and apartments.
  • Sash Features: Just the bottom sash moves, but does not tilt and this allows less ventilation and air flow. So in summer, the insides can become stuffy due to lack of adequate ventilation.
  • Design Options: As one of the pros of single hung windows is lower cost, there are fewer design options to choose from. So many homeowners looking for a variety to choose from may not be satisfied with the styles offered.
  • Security: Single hung windows have just one lock and this can pose to be a security risk. The window can be broken from the outside to get access to the single lock and this can prove to be an easy entry for an intruder.


Double and Single Hung Windows Prices and Value

A single hung window is about 10 to 20 percent cheaper than a double hung window. In a new construction or in a home where window replacement is needed, this lower cost can be a boon.

On the other hand, when it comes to double hung windows, there is no doubt that they cost more, but the ease of maintenance and the security they offer can be offset against the cost.

The cost of double hung window ranges from $200 to $950 for each installed window, while that of single hung window ranges from $175 to $750 for each installed window.

Most utility companies and even state and federal governments offer rebates to homeowners who install energy efficient windows in their homes. So if people are worried about the cost of window replacement, the rebates offered by the utility companies can often help reduce the cost of the replacement, so that homeowners do not have to bear the brunt.

 There is no doubt that double hung windows offer more benefits compared to single hung windows. So the cost should not prove to be a deterrent.

Also, if both windows are installed correctly with the proper trims and flashes, your house will become more energy efficient. However, it is the double hung window that offers more value for money compared to a single hung window.