Pella Windows Reviews for the Homeowner

Pella was founded in 1925 and carved a niche for itself in the window market ever since. The first product that Pella introduced into the market was a rolling window screen that functioned like a shade. And, a little later, the company introduced the tilt and wash double hung windows which are a favorite amongst consumers, as it makes window maintenance extremely easy. Today, the company is the second largest manufacturer of windows in the United States and has extended into selling patio doors, storm doors and entry doors.

Pella is said to supply durable and high quality windows in a number of styles and designs. All windows from Pella are said to be energy efficient and the panes have a low-emissivity coating that blocks the harmful UV rays from the sun.

However, reading a review of Pella windows will allow homeowners to make an informed purchased decision if they are looking for replacement windows or new windows for their newly constructed home.


Pella Windows Features and Pros

Pella has earned a name for itself in terms of quality. Pella windows are high quality and extremely well constructed and that is why they tend to last long. The windows come with a 10-year guarantee for non-glass parts and 20-year warranty for the panes.

These windows are energy efficient and can make a huge difference to heating and cooling bills. Pella is Energy Star qualified and also has LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Pella windows are available in a wide range of materials, right from wood, steel to composite and fiberglass.  The windows offer good noise insulation and sounds from outside do no penetrate the house.


Pella Windows Complaints and Cons

Pella windows seem to have their share of complaints and disadvantages. Many of the complaints are centered around the installation. However, Pella windows do seem to come with some disadvantages and these are highlighted below.


  • The price is a big disadvantage when it comes to these windows. The company has a higher price tag compared to similar windows by other window brands
  • Pella offers limited color selection and this can make it difficult for a homeowner to match the windows to the exteriors and interiors
  • The windows do not have built-in stops and this can damage the locking hardware on the upper frame while lowering or raising the sash
  • The locking system that holds the upper sash in a double hung window is too small and this ends up making the locking tabs as good as useless
  • Many consumers have complained of windows leaking and rotting away.


Pella Windows Prices and Value

The price of an installed window starts from about $350 and extends all the way to more than $1000. The price varies based on the model and material used to make the windows. Here is a rough indication of the prices of different Pella window models.

Thermastar Series are entry level vinyl windows and the vinyl extrusions and corner welds do not have a very clean finish. However, Pella is trying to improve the quality of these windows and today the installed price of each window is about $350.

Pella Encompass is another low quality vinyl window and each installed window costs about $400

Pella Impervia model has a thin profile and is available in custom sizes. It is made from fiberglass and is available as casement window or double hung window. This is a mid-grade Pella window and each installed window comes at around $750.

Pella Proline model is made from wood and aluminum clad. These windows are more expensive than similarly designed vinyl windows because of the presence of wood. The cost of a single installed window is about $750.

Architect windows are an upgrade on the Proline model and each installed window costs about $850.

The Pella Designer Series which is made from wood and aluminum clad is the high-end window from the company. It has a number of unique features and options. Each installed window costs about $1050.


While the Pella brand does have some great models, the entry level models are not the best quality. Also, if a homeowner is interested in Pella windows, it is crucial that the owner selects the contractor with care as installation seems to be a big problem with Pella windows because of their design. Nonetheless, Pella windows offer great windows and can be considered for replacement as well as new windows if the person has the budget for it.