Replacing Basement Windows – Options

Basement windows help make an otherwise dark, damp and dingy basement into a well ventilated space and ensure light filters in. However, when basement windows begin rotting, get cracked or look dull and faded, it is time to replace them.


Why Replace Basement Windows

You may be content to let your basement windows rot and fade away into obscurity. However, this may not be the best option. Here are some benefits why you should be looking to replace your home’s basement windows.


  • Good basement windows can enhance the value of your home
  • With light filtering in and good ventilation, basement windows can transform your basement into a warm and welcoming space that can be used as a family or leisure area
  • Basement windows can function as an exit or entry in case of an emergency
  • Offer better security to a house


When looking to replace basement windows, quality and functionality are the two most important criteria. Some of the things you should be looking at when it comes to replacing basement windows are as follows.


Climate Control

Look for replacement basement windows that have a high energy efficiency rating. This will ensure your home stays nice and cozy in the winters and prevent the air conditioning from making it way out during summers. As a result, this will help you reduce your heating and cooling costs.


This means looking for thermal windows, fiberglass windows or double-glazed windows. Avoid single paned windows, as they will not make your basement energy efficient. If possible opt for triple-glazed windows. These are the best replacement basement windows that ensure maximum energy efficiency.



Maintenance is an important aspect when replacing basement windows. You want windows that are built solidly and make your home safe and secure. At the same time, basement windows should be low-maintenance. Fiberglass replacement basement windows are relatively maintenance free and also have the advantage of being extremely durable compared to other materials.

If you opt for wooden frames, it will be quite sturdy, but you would have to paint it regularly and maintain the wood to prevent it from looking faded or rotting. Vinyl replacement basement windows are a good option, as these windows will be affordable and are low maintenance. However, vinyl tends to expand and contract in extreme temperatures and this can have an adverse effect on the long-term performance of the windows.


Replacing Your Basement Windows

Replacing basement windows is not that difficult. It is tougher to choose the right style and design to suit your budget. By fixing the right replacement basement windows, you will be saving money.

Before you start replacing basement windows, be sure to check the building regulations in your area. You need following the proper codes, as basement windows are meant to provide an emergency exit in case of fire or any other emergency.

Of course, before you replace the windows, you would have to remove the existing windows. This would involve first removing the trims of the existing windows from the outside and then extracting the nails holding the frame to the house. Repeat this process from inside to remove the window.

After removing the old basement windows, check the openings for damage. This is the best time to look for wood damage and termite nuisance. Check the frames and if they appear to have rotted or look damaged, you may have to buy new frames for your basement windows. Also, look for other wear and tear and make the necessary repairs. Thereafter, place the new windows and fix it either to the old frames or to new frames.

You want to ensure that no gaps or crevices are there. Use fiberglass insulation to fill in crevices and gaps. This should be done from inside the basement. Thereafter, fix weather resistant trims to all the basement windows. This should be done from the outside. This also is the time to fill in nail holes and use caulk if you like.

When replacing basement windows, remember your basement is the lowest part of your home. This makes the basement more prone to flooding. Hence, you want windows that are airtight and installed properly, so that no water from outside can make its way into your basement.


Replacing basement windows can enhance the appearance of your basement and help increase the value of your home by making it energy efficient. The key to gaining maximum benefits is to ensure that the installation is done correctly.