What are Double Hung Windows?

What is a double hung window?

You already know that there are different kinds of windows. Double hung window is a window style.

This is a window that has a lower and upper window sash. These sashes will slide vertically, crossing each other through a casement. It is one of the most popular and the most traditional forms of windows. The sashes might be solid glass, or they might be divided for decorating purposes.

A double hung window comes with two grooves on the side jamps as well. They provide for some good ventilation, as the entire window, from top to bottom, can be opened up.

The difference between a double hung window and a single hung window is the fact that a double hung window can be controlled from both the top and the bottom whereas the single hung window can only be operated from the bottom. This might seem like an inconsequential detail, but it does change the look of the window. It also makes cleaning the window easier.

Double hung windows have started to become incredibly popular among the masses, especially the people who are remodeling their house and are looking for replacement windows. Sure the window does provide a lot of options for the house owners as it is easily one of the most versatile window designs.


Double Hung Sash WindowsDouble hung window benefits

Double hung windows have a number of benefits. They are quite easy to clean. It is possible for one to clean both the sides of the upper and the lower parts of the window, which one cannot do in a single hung window. The versatility provided by the window is also quite amazing. You will be able to choose to have a full screen or a half screen, depending on your comfort and your preference.

Double hung windows provide you with the option of opening only one portion of the window. So, you can open the top portion and keep the bottom one closed. This provides for easy and cheap cross ventilation within the house. This might actually help you reduce the amount of money you spend on electricity and energy every month. Double hung windows are good for families with newly born children. Since you can keep the bottom portion closed, you will be able to stop your toddler from just climbing out of the window. You don’t even have to keep both the windows closed for you can leave the top part open!

Double hung windows are made in many different materials. They are made of aluminum, vinyl, wood, etc. This makes it easy for people to find some replacement double hung windows as well. Installing these windows is as easy as installing a single hung window, so you or the installer won’t have to take any special efforts.


Double hung windows disadvantages and complaints

There are some complaints regarding double hung windows as well- but there aren’t a lot.

Double hung windows are believed to be less airtight when compared to the single hung windows. These windows might be good for cross ventilation, but they are no good when it comes to making things airtight. Casement windows are more airtight than these windows.

Double hung windows also provide for limited ventilation for you will just have half the window open at  any point of time.

There are some people who think that double hung windows are not the best looking windows. They are slightly bulkier when compared to single hung windows. It is also more complicated to repair them as you would have to replace the entire window even if one panel breaks.

There are a lot of complaints regarding the sliding capacity of these windows, so you have to do all that you can ensure that you don’t buy a cheap double hung window, in case you have made up your mind to buy one. If you buy one of the entry level double hung windows, chances are that you would end up with windows that are too rusted and creaky to move smoothly.


Double hung windows price and value

You can get double hung windows from as little as $15 and as high as $800. You will be able to buy some of the best double hung windows from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Popular window companies such as Stegbar, Anderson, Gelt Ven, etc. manufacture and sell double hung windows.